Doesn't everyone love to watch their favorite childhood show? Have you ever went to see what your children are watching these days, because most will agree. New children television is plain. old. crap.

-- top 10 worst --

Lets face it, the stuff kids watch these days are a bad example. but not the bad behavior you think. Everyone hates those people who make lame jokes, unnessisarily dramatic and acts like a spaz . Well if you really look at these shows they cast that example to our children. Here are some examples of that crap. From nickelodeon and disney.

10. Henry danger.

9. kicking it

8. breadwinners

7. Nicky, ricky, dicky and dawn ( this one is a personal hatred, hatred with a pure passion.)

6. awesomeness TV

5. fred ( seriously, they must have torchered a chipmunk to get this sound)

4. alivin and the chipmunks ( the show )

3.Ant farm

2.pig, goat, banana,cricket

  1. the thunder mans ( don't get me started.. )

-- top 5 best--

However, there are few shows with great GENIUS. They show children valuable lessons, they are creative, funny, and heartwarming. These are the only good children shows i know of.

5. Good luck charlie ( cried )

4. icarly

3.adventure time

2. gravity falls

  1. spongebob

Some parents think spongebob is mind dulling and stupid. I like spongebob because one, I grew up on this show. two spongebob is smart. It may be ill mannered, maybe even stupid, but it is NOT a bad example. Spongebob teaches valuable lessons about kindness, positivity , and working toward your goals ( no matter how stupid the goals are ). Same with adventure time, some think its crazy and pointless, those people haven't really reveled in a few episodes. Anyone who has watched it will know you slowly get attached to these amazing, funny heartwarming characters. These characteristics of shows today are the lessons we need to teach to our children, to the next generation, to teach them to be leaders, and to be kind and to be brave. Im not saying all children shows are bad, because some people grew up on disney. Im not a fan of disney but i admit disney had a few amazing shows. good luck charlie , for example.