hello so this is the theory about.... TIME :DD

~~ My theory~~

I do not think time is real for humans. i believe time is a matter the universe created to explain change. That is why if you were to go back in time and change something , well you couldn't ! One : time travel is not possible and never will be. Two: If someone were to go back in time it would break the time fabric and nothing would exist. If that ever happened well you wouldn't be reading this. No, time is a tool you can use to represent change. If a man was 56 years old , it would mean he was alive 56 years. Years is a unit of time measurement humans created to represent age. We will never know how old anyone is because time is not real. We made time.

~~ the butterfly effect~~

This is not possible according to my theory. If the butterfly effect could be possible it would be like this. Lets say you go back in time and tell your younger self that you were... lets say adopted. Your younger self would acknowledge that she or he was adopted and not need to tell themselves when they reach your age. So comes the confusion as when you never did it and well. Your probably very confused. You may feel as if your mind were to explode. I think thats what time feels, the confusion make it just,.. not exist or nothing happened. The butterfly effect would destroy time.

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