why is the sky blue? why does your hair grow? why do candles burn? why are you here instead of there? what is life?


i do not think we are really here. I don't think anyone is real. i believe this reality is all an illusion. What lies beyond our illusion is a mystery that man will never know. If your worrying about " my life doesn't matter its not real " don't. I'm not saying to quit life because it doesn't matter.Live life to the fullest and be happy and great full , do what god meant us to do , survive. I am just stating to live a good healthy life even of your lack of knowledge for the beyond. Just always remember in your heart and soul to live life like its your last day , and just always know deep down when you make a mistake. Nothings real , it does matter but its just not real. That is what i think god , or whatever put us on earth or in this reality meant us to live by. ~ thank you