hi everyone its me ! Ok so most of you may know the popular youtube series don't hug me I'm scared. If you haven't seen this i suggest you watch it before reading this page . Ok so In the series we come across 3 different characters. A red mop guy, a green bird, and a yellow human-like man. In the series you see these characters learning new things about the universe. When i first saw this series i thought, man make a children's show a death show. Now i realize the statement in don't hug me I'm scared. Now here is my theory.

WARNING : some of this information is not mine I'm simply passing down the information and spicing it up.

Many viewers of don't hug me I'm scared may have noticed the easter eggs in every episode and that is : june 19.Im not too sure what june 19 may exactly mean , but we will uncover that later. What i want to talk about is roy. If you don't know who roy is in the second episode the yellow guy introduced his father. If you look closely roy appears in every episode but the first , but why is his name roy? If you look closely at his suspenders you will see a r on the front pocket. At the end of each episodes credits you will see the last name that says " and Roy ". Now most fans (including me ) think that the yellow guys father is named roy BUT... this is where the good stuff comes. Roy may just be not yellow guys father , but all 3 characters father.Let me thin this out a bit. Every parent will agree they don't want their child to grow up. The singers in the first to 3rd episode are such as singers in a children's show. The three characters are mesmerized by the bright colors and singing.That is until episode 4 , when the trio are at a table playing a game. The game asks " What is the biggest thing in the world ". Then , the computer starts singing about how smart he is , however he never answers the question. The red guy starts to notice somethings wrong. He starts to wonder and talk back against the computer. When the red guy finally snaps and the computer gets angry. Knowing don't hug me I'm scared it all gets crazy , until the red guy opens the door and finds himself in a stage set. Then his head explodes . The end, NOT! The red guy did not die. He grew up.

Now we come to number 5. Or as i like to call it " the death of green bird ". This episode starts with the green bird saying " somethings wrong ". The singers this time are trying to convince the characters to eat heathy. Once in a while you will hear the phone ring. The bird answers the phone each time and wakes up in a hospital room, then goes back to the kitchen. Then all this crazy stuff happens AGAIN. The bird gets eaten by a giant food can etceteras. At the end credits the red guys is outside walking from a phone booth . AH HA! Do you see what I'm thinking? Well if you don't the red guy was the one calling them, trying to get them to grow up or get out of that world. Now , most of you are thinking. IT CANT BE THAT SIMPLE ! Well guess what guys it is. I have to admit this was a lame theory so far , but fare with me I'm not done yet!

What i expect:

The maker of the series said, " everything will be explained". Well here is what i think will be explained. All right so i expect just as he said everything will be explained. I expect the june 19 date to be explained. The thing is i think the characters are stuck in the date they started watching these children shows. I also know roy will play a big part in the 6th episode . The people that made this wouldn't put a creepy stalker in their show for nothing would they? Or is that the point of it ? This show couldn't possibly be just for the creeps of it. They better not disappoint us like scott cawthon .DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW ANNOYED I AM !! In time i will make a theory on five nights at freddys. Ok guys thats all have for now but i will edit this if i find anymore information.

Be sure to comment what you want me to explain, or if you found anymore cool facts about don't hug me I'm scared please feel free to comment below.Thanks for reading guys bye!