hey I'm back with a new theory...

ok so those of you who don't know what fnaf is look it up. Its a popular game played by many throughout america (including me).It takes place at what is a children's restaurant where your the night guard. The man on the phone tells you about how the robot things move around freely at night. It seems like a normal horror game with its jump-scares and creepy setting , but this game has a lot more too it than it seems.


Ok this theory is a simple one not like the others with a bunch of mamba jumbo stuff in it.No in fact none of it is real , the robots, the restaurant , the story. I believe this game tells s greater story then that. I believe its a game about fear. Let say your a kid in your room at night. Your parents are asleep , the lights are all off, you are alone in the dark not knowing what lies in it. Put yourself in that position as the night guard. I don't know about you but if i was alone in the dark with only a flashlight as my defense, i would be pretty scared.In the game the security guard falls asleep and has nightmares of what lie in front of him, the anamatronitcs. His fear of whats in the dark manipulates his dream and causes him to have certain nightmares of the robots. That is the what i think about five nights at freddys.

Hey guys thanks for reading if you have any suggestions about what to do for my next theory comment below, if you have any other theories feel free to make a page :D If you have any arguments on my theory please tell me , bye ! :D